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A deposit of USD $300 or $500 will be required depending on the size of your idea.

Deposit is not refundable. 


The price range I send out isn't guaranteed.


I do my best to estimate the final cost based on the years of experience I have tattooing.


However, sometimes, a piece cannot be completed in the time frame we estimated. I do charge based on the session. Not by the hour, Not by the Size, and not necessarily the Idea itself but rather by how complicated the design is, the tattoo's placement on the body, the complexity of the color theory, and overall composition.

Remember, not depositing means there is no tattoo process going on. 



When books are open, you can book your appointment and be all set online.

You will have the space to write your ideas and send your references for the project. After that, you can trust that the artist will create the best for you, and you will be contacted by the artist to clarify your idea if needed or to explain to you if your idea isn't possible, followed by a good option that could work for a tattoo.

When books are closed, you can book an online consultation, and if, after the consultation, the artist feels comfortable with your idea, we will open the space to get you in, as the artist loves to get in contact with new people.

How do I know if the artist can do my idea?

You must trust that this artistic creation comes from the collaboration between the canvas and the artist; every great didn't exist before we did it, so don't expect to see the future standing in the past. 


The best way is to look at the portfolio. If you like what you see, that's great, but please don't expect the artist to do the same as he has done in the past, as every tattoo is an individual creation, and the style or technique you want may not be the best for your idea. 

Your Idea

the one in the inquiry....

When submitting my inquiry form or booking online, you are submitting for this idea and ONLY this idea. You cannot inquire about one idea and switch it to something else the moment you have an appointment set or the day of your appointment.

This doesn't mean you cannot change your ideas, it just means you have to email us in the same thread you've started with me and ask about switching the concept.


This includes any and all changes you might have, big or small.


Without confirmation of the idea changes being okay, you might lose your deposit or not be able to be tattooed that day and have to reschedule.

I understand that things come up and sometimes it means that you might need to reschedule your appointment...


I can allow 1 reschedule as long as it is requested a Least 7 days prior to your appointment.


Having an appointment means I turned away other people for that spot. This is why you have to put down a deposit and could possibly lose that deposit if you are not able to show up.


Minimum of 7 days in advance...

Are you 18?

If you are not thicc enough, come back later ; )

The State OF Florida allows someone under the age of 18 to get a tattoo with parental consent.


However, I do not tattoo minors.


So if you lie on the inquiry form or book online and show up for an appointment and are underage or don't have your ID, you will be unable to get tattooed and lose any deposits you put down.

Every design is ready to show the day of the tattoo appointment, but you can ask to see the plan the day before, and a video call will be scheduled depending on availability. 

For large projects, the design process takes longer and allows the artist to accept changes to the design since there will be enough space to create a variation in the composition.

Large and medium-sized tattoos are created in multiple sessions.

By booking your appointment online, you agree to trust my artistic skills to create something for you based on the information you send in your inquiry and what I consider the best for you. 


Please remember that the artist will never try to convince you to do a tattoo or get a particular design. This process starts from the trust that you can deliver in a process where you won't have control, and it will be up to the artist to interpret the idea and create based on the information you provide.


To be able to trust and create, you must let go, surrender, and believe this is the correct path.  


Yes i like to work base on what you want but I'm also doing my thing,

Private Appointments.

Every appointment is made privately in a dynamic one-on-one with the artists.

Depending on the day, the artist will ask you for permission to transmit your tattoo process online; during this session, you can share the live video with friends or family. In that way, they can also enjoy some of the tattoo process. However, if you keep it secret, discrete, or just for us, don't hesitate to let the artist know about it, and he will be happy to flow with you. 

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