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Based in Seattle Wa

My name is Jose, and I was born in the Heart of Colombia, A country where reality and magic become one.


I  have been working as an artist my whole life and later doing my formal educational process at the superior academy of arts of Bogota to become a capable artist; even before starting my academic career, I have been a part of the art of tattooing, now for over a decade.


Through tattoo, we transform.

Painting a moment of beauty, the solitude of a memory. This is a Process where our own darkness and beauty are found. 

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My Work

My art combines traditional tattoo techniques and a solid vision of what's possible to create on the human skin. 


As a professional artist with over ten years of learning and experience about tattooing in 3 different countries and over ten cities, and with some of the greatest masters of tattooing, I create every piece with patience.

While completing a whole piece in just one session is possible, most of my projects are created in multiple sessions; sharing many hours and dates with my canvases allows me to create deep relationships with each tattoo. Giving all the time necessary to this relationship is the priority during the entire tattoo process.

Here everyone is loved and accepted just as they are. 

I'm looking forward to reading your idea and hopefully working body, soul, and spirit in your next transformation. 


I'm always looking for new canvases. Let's connect.

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